Foreign phone register in Turkey

Since it is cheaper to bring a phone from abroad in Turkey, this is a question for many people and they want to do it, but is this type of phone purchase more profitable or more expensive?

How much does it cost to register a foreign phone, how is it done? We will answer these questions in this article.

Every year, thousands of phones are imported from abroad or brought to Turkey, but after a while the phones become unusable because passport registration is required.

Unfortunately, they cannot be used without an external phone register. Let’s take a look at how the foreign phone registration process works

When you bring a phone from abroad, you can use your phone for 120 days without registration. Of course, the phone will be closed after 120 days. Since phones have IMEI numbers, they need to be registered

How to register a foreign phone?

First check if you have the right to register through e-Devlet Kapısı. The validity of the date of your arrival in Turkey should not be more than 365 days, pay attention to this issue

Then you have to go to the foreign phone registration system through e-government.

It is useful to remember that anyone who owns this phone can use it within 3 years after you register it. On the page that opens, there are two types of registration methods, one for you and one for your child

You must fill the required steps in order. Like filling IMEI. If you don’t know your IMEI, you will see your IMEI number when you come to your phone dialer and dial *#60#.

After making transactions through e-government, IMEI registration is completed

If you encounter a payment error, go to the interactive website of the Tax Administration (ivd and select payment options. You need to click on the button “Pay for mobile”

How much does international phone registration cost?

When you bring a phone from abroad, you have to pay a fee for registration. Currently (2022), the cost of bringing a phone from abroad in Turkey is 2732 liras, before that in 2015 this cost was 131 liras, then it increased to 170, 500, 618 and 1500 liras over the years. The registration fee, which was 1,838 liras in 2020, has now increased to 2,732.40 liras.

How to inquire when the phone is turned off abroad?

The closing time for phones coming from abroad is 120 days, but if you are in doubt about the closing time, the easiest way to calculate is to look at the date of arrival in Turkey.

You can also query the date of arrival/departure through e-Government so that you can calculate the closing time on your phone.


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