Istanbul International Maritime Industry Exhibition

The 17th Istanbul Marine Industries International Exhibition and Conference (Expomaritt exposhipping Istanbul 2023) will be held on May 12-15, 1402 at Viaport Marina Tuzla in Istanbul, Turkey.

This exhibition is a space for shipbuilding industry giants and international subsidiaries to attend.

This event can be considered the most powerful set for marketing in the marine industry sector. Tuzla region is the most important shipbuilding region with the highest capacity, which is located between the continent of Asia and Europe and in the south of Istanbul.

93 shipping factories are located in Tuzla region. In the past years, more than 250 shipbuilding companies from 62 countries have participated in this exhibition, representing nearly 600 brands.

In addition, more than 7,000 visitors, most of whom are professionals, have also visited this event.

Expomaritt Exposhipping İstanbul 2021 brought together 6389 sector experts from 54 countries with 476 top exhibiting brands from 36 countries.


Date of holdingMay 12-15, 1402- (May 02-05, 2023)
VenueViaport Marina, Tuzla Istanbul
Industry DescriptionShipbuilding and sub-industry of Turkey
AddressCami Mh Balıkçılar Sokak U Blok 20 U, D:226, 34940 Tuzla/İstanbul
Phone42 18 560 216 90+


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